About me

Can I tell you something?

  • I am blind. However, this has never prevented me from reaching my goals, much less fighting for them. But I’m not going to lie to you: it has not been easy. I lost my sight at age five, but not entirely; I have low vision. That is, I distinguish colors, shapes, large letters… But in a blurry way.
  • I was born in Lima-Peru in 1980. My first years were like those of any normal child. But in late 1985, having already turned five, on a November night, I suffered a strange fever of 40 degrees. My parents, desperate, turned to a neighbor who was a doctor, who gave me an injection of penicillin and sulfonamides, to counteract the infection and lower the temperature as quickly as possible. Unfortunately, the cure was worse than the disease: penicillin, or sulfonamides, or perhaps the sum of both (who knows ?!), intoxicated me and caused fatal burns to my skin and mucous glands. Such a condition, has the name of Steven Johnson. Precisely, one of the organs damaged by Steven Johnson, were my corneas, which caused my blindness. Fortunately, the doctors saved my life. And here I am.
  • I learned to write and read in braille. Since then, I have loved books and literature.
  • Since I was reading a lot, I tried to imitate my favorite authors by writing some short stories and poems.
  • My favorite subject at school was always, as expected, language. So much so that several times, I won my school’s annual grammar contest.
  • My father is also a lover of good writing and good speaking, which provided him with a broad vocabulary. I remember that, whenever I didn’t know the meaning of a word, I would to go and ask him. I still do.
  • In adolescence I participated in several narrative workshops. In particular, I remember one, since it was directed by a renowned writer in my country. In this workshop, I discovered very important authors in my literary formation, such as Borges, Cortázar, Vallejo or Eguren. But, above all, at that time, I discovered my personal style of writing.
  • In my youth, I started studying philosophy at the university. But I did not only study Greek or German philosophy, but also Buddhism, Hinduism, Taoism, Eastern philosophy in general, which acted as a counterweight to my Western rationality.
  • As a consequence of my approach to Eastern philosophy and as one of my childhood’s dream, I started practicing Kung Fu and Muay Thai martial arts, while I read the books about Jeet Kune Do of my idol Bruce Lee.
  • Thanks to the invention of a software called screen reader which, as the name implies, has as a function to read everything that is shown on a computer screen through a voice synthesizer, I can write and read in different formats, such as Word, Pdf or Txt. I can also check my email and, of course, use the internet.
  • My love for language transcended my love for Spanish and I studied British English. Currently, I study French and German in a self-taught way.
  • Currently, I have pretensions to publish a fiction book (not just one). And of course, I also teach Spanish online.

I hope that after this short autobiography, you have met me, at least a little bit, and we can always be in contact.