My services


  • Book your a free trial lesson and we will communicate through skype by videoconference. In that first session, I will explain my teaching method in detail and you can express all your objectives, doubts and needs. Then, if you wish, you can choose the schedule of your next lessons.
  • My lessons last sixty minutes. In these we will concentrate all our time and effort in developing your listening comprehension and oral expression, through conversation and repetition of the basic grammatical structures, respectively.


  • 1 session: $ 25
  • 2 sessions per week: $ 40

Cancellation policy

  • The payment is in advance. You can cancel or change the lesson 24 hours in advance here.


  • Over time I’ve hit the walls with Duolingo, the app’s structural lessons offer a nice (and free) foundation, but lessons and conversations with Rodrigo provide more depht and help me prepare for the real world.
    Richard Duncan, California, Unites States.
  • Thanks to learning languages more deeply with Rodrigo, I have become a better Communicator. I use the words and phrases that native speakers could use, which is very important in business. Rodrigo helped me to achieve better relationships with my clients.
    Kate Toon, Sydney, Australia.
  • I was an Hispanic Studies Major in college and took 3 years of Spanish language courses. Study with Rodrigo is a great way to refresh my foreign language proficiency and prepare for future travel abroad.
    John Holtz, Manchester, England.